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Immersive Tech, exciting projects from my time at Warpin Media


Head of 3D

I had the privilege of seeing Warpin Media grow from a new start up to a power house in immersive tech. During my time there I was the Head of 3D and was the Design lead on many of the projects.

Redesign Lab by H&M

A futuristic installment where guests could use physical t-shirts as their digital canvas and then have their designs printed on the spot. It featured a clean sci-fi UI that responded to touch and a living interior design that elevated the whole experience


Using Magic Leap Warpin created the first ever fashion experience for H&Moschino. Guests at the H&Moschino fashion show could experience the crazy world of the collaboration between H&M and Moschino come alive around the physical garments.

Älvsbyhus VR Tour

For their launch of their new house "Regina" Älvsbyhus wanted us to create a VR-tour of the building. From the blueprints we created photo realistic VR visuals of the entire house. Prospect home buyers could tour Regina even before it was in production.

Interview with Princess Madeleine

When World Childhood Foundation had it's 20th anniversary Warpin produces a interview with Princess Madeleine filmed in 360 3D with supporting motion graphics elements.


What started out as a ARKit experiment quickly rose on the App-store and got featured by Apple. The games way of interacting with the real world set it apart from other AR experiences released at that time. The players could witness their real floor being dug up in front of them as they hide and find treasure.



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